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Hyundai Forklift XKCF-00549 Gear, Pinion

Hyundai Forklift XKCF-00549 Gear, Pinion

Supplied new and genuine Hyundai Forklift XKCF-00549 Gear, Pinion.

Hyundai Forklift XKCF-00549 Gear, Pinion is to suit Hyundai Forklift’s 15/18/20D-9, 22/25/30/33D/35DA-9, 22/25/30/33D-9E, 22/25/30/33D-9H, 22/25/30/33D-9S, 22/25/30/33D-9T, 15/18D/20DA-7E, 15/18G/20GA-7, 15/18/20G-7A, 15/18/20G-7M, 15/18L/20LA-7, 15/18/20L-7A, 15/18/20L-7M, 15/18/20LC-7M, 20/25/30/33D-7, 20/25/30/33D-7E, 20/25/30/33DF-7, 20/25/30/33DT-7, 20/25/30G-7, 20L/25L/30L-7, 25/30/33G-7A, 25/30/33G-7M, 25/30GC-7A, 25/30GC-7M, 25/30GC-7S, 25/30/33L-7A, 25/30/33L-7M, 25/30LC-7A, 25/30LC-7M, 25/30LC-7S, 25/30/33LF and 35DF-7.

We can also offer the full range of Hyundai Construction Equipment, original OEM and aftermarket parts at competitive prices. We can also have these delivered to you onsite Australia wide.

In addition to Hyundai Forklift parts we can also supply the full range of Doosan, Volvo and Samsung construction parts.

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